Because “the way we live our days will be, after all, the way we live our lives,” you are invited to peruse Michele’s writing here at your leisure–and, then, to add thoughts from your own following life in the comments.

Michele Morin is a reader, writer, speaker, and gardener who does life with her family on a country hill in Maine. She has been married to an unreasonably patient husband for thirty years, and together they have four sons, four daughters-in-love, and five adorable grandchildren. Michele is a proud member of The Redbud Writer’s Guild, and has shared her thoughts with joy at Desiring God, (in)courage, The Perennial Gen, The Englewood Review, Living By Design, The Gospel Coalition, and elsewhere.

As a YouVersion content partner, she has created Bible study plans available on the YouVersion Bible app or check out the most recent plan HERE.

Active in educational ministries with her local church, Michele delights in sitting at a table surrounded by women with open Bibles. She loves hot tea and well-crafted sentences, poems that stop her in her tracks, and days at the ocean with the whole family.  She laments biblical illiteracy and advocates for the prudent use of “little minutes.”

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Thoughts about the books I'm reading and the grace I'm receiving; parenting and life in the empty nest; aging and adjusting to chronic illness.


Michele Morin is a Bible teacher, writer, reader, and gardener committed to the truth that women can become confident Christ-followers and students of God's Word.